Our Teachers

Sameer Khan

Sameer KhanLife Coach/Yoga Teacher Sameer is younger brother of Feroze follows his brother footstep and teaching and practicing yoga from his early age. All his life taught yoga in India and last 10 years teaching in European Commission Berlaymont  and conducting teacher training programme in Brussels.

His experties is to keep his students motivated and give full of encouraging yoga class and never bore students –



Feroze KhanFeroze Khan

Feroze Khan, the founder of European Yoga Institute (inspired by Bikram Yoga)  has one mission in life: to leverage his lifelong knowledge and mastery of Yoga to bring health and healing to Europe, indeed to the world.

Feroze has developed a very large following and has taught more that 150.000 students in groups and individual classes. He is currently successfully running European Yoga centers in Brussels and Frankfurt. In addition, he conducts special classes regularly at European Commission’s headquarters, the Barleymont building, and the European Parliament. Inspired by Feroze and the positive changes in their life after they start practice, several of his students have also become Yoga teachers.

A number of dignitaries in Europe are Feroze’s disciples. Mr. Mandelson once said that Feroze’s unique style of teaching encourages and motivates his students to reach their full potential. Mr. Amar Sinha, Indian Ambassador to Tajikistan and Afghanistan has also practiced with Feroze. He says, “being a student of Feroze has been a life-changing experience. Feroze has made me a follower of yoga for life”.

Given Feroze’s expertise, dedication, humility and popularity with students, his guru, Bikram Choudhury considers him his most favourite disciple and motivational Yoga teacher.