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NEW: StepUp Yoga Vibration Training (Quick oil Change for Mind and Body)

StepUp Yoga is the one & only vibration training. It is a sequence of two breathing exercises and beautifuly designed yoga posture programme perfomed on a vibration training device.

Galileo G35 vibration training devices are manufactured by Novotec Medical exclusively in Germany. The quality of G35 is permanently assured by TÜV monitored quality management system. It’s a perfect combination of eastern philosophy with German engineering for your mind and body.
Everything you want Everything you need! A complete guide to raise your vibration in 20 minutes.

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20 minute One-to-One Personal Training Session
Make an appointment here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Dear Friends,

hope you had a good summer break and are back in the swing of things.

We reflect on our humble beginnings 10 years ago in Brussels and are proud of what we have achieved and yet we are humble and grateful because we're just warming up and getting started, like the magical season of autumn and winter.

We all need to be inspired by the awesome force of nature and commit to renewing our commitment to our health. We need to let off what we don't need, look within ourselves and see if we have any physical, mental and emotional habits that impact our health. In case we see any, this is the time to let them go. This is also the time to commit to your yoga practice. Yoga is the ultimate cleanser. Doing yoga is not just because all the cool people are doing it - it's because it's the best way to cleanse, renew and rejuvenate yourself all year long. We invite you to lock in your commitment today and practice European Yoga all year long!

Friends, it gives us a great pleasure to announce that European Yoga will be celebrating it's

10th anniversary Party on Saturday, 24th September 2016,

at 6 pm at European Yoga Institute Merode

Avenue de Tervueren 8, Brussels.

To which you are very cordially invited with your friends and family.

There will be a ceremonial celebration by the traditional lighting of Lamps by the Ambassador of India to the EU, Belgium & Luxembourg, Mr. Manjeev Puri, Yoga demonstrations, yoga teacher's  course completion certification, Indian dinner and Music.

To mark our 10th anniversary Party and to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to  you, our beloved Yogis, we are offering amazing yearly membership unlimited yoga classes for 699 € for first 50 students only. Kick start your autumn and winter.

European Yoga will change your body, mind and spirit. In Sanskrit spirit is called “Aatma”.

It would be an honor  to warm welcome you and your friends on 24th September 2016 at 6pm.

Please visit our home page for class schedule,Certified Yoga course and Next Yoga workshop on 8th October most popular event to depend your yoga practice.

Many thanks for your continiuos support and help to make our Yoga successful.

Love and Respect.

Feroze, Sameer and our teachers
European Yoga Institute s.p.r.l.
Avenue de Tervueren, 8
BE-1040 Brussels
Phone: 0 495 999541                                 
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view